Space Shards


get-it-on-google-playSpace Shards is a puzzle game in which the aim is to lead George the Astronaut to his space capsule by bouncing him off of space debris, passing through portals and encountering some other more mysterious entities. It all starts very easy but soon the trajectory becomes increasingly more complicated and the right path to the capsule gets harder to spot. Generally if you like watching things bounce off of other things you will find that this game is right up your street, but also it will test your ability to think clearly. I have made no attempt to dumb it down for anyone and some levels are genuinely hard. If you can’t solve them all please stay cool, it’s just a game 🙂

There’s currently 55 levels. I will make more if the game proves to be popular. The game is completely free to play and there are no in-game purchases. Some levels have a small banner at the bottom, I hope they’re not detracting from the gaming experience.

Here’s some screenshots…


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2